Every year, 40,000 module sellers spread across Wallonia and Brussels in mid-January. They contribute their time, energy and enthusiasm to ensure the information and fund-raising campaign is a success. For a few days, they are the real agents of change for a fairer world.

What does an Iles de Paix volunteer look like?

Their backgrounds are varied: teachers, lawyers, youth leaders, pensioners, office workers, labourers, executives, people on benefits… all they have in common is the solidarity they demonstrate together on behalf of people in the Global South. Their action brings people together, both here and there.

Les bénévoles d
Les bénévoles d
Les bénévoles d

The role of the volunteers

There are about 350 coordinators responsible for municipalities or large sales outlets. They manage teams of volunteers – schools, youth movements, families etc.

An hour, two hours or a weekend selling modules, sticking up posters or counting the money – everyone contributes based on their preferences and availability.

Iles de Paix needs your help in your local area. Contact us to join our volunteer network!