The Iles de Paix NGO

Iles de Paix was founded by Dominique Pire, a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. The first projects were set up in Gohira, Bangladesh, in 1962. The not-for-profit association was officially constituted on 14 January 1965. It now operates in five countries in Africa and South America. It provides direct support to over 200,000 people. Find out more about Dominique Pire

The logic underlying Iles de Paix’s approach derives from this now-famous phrase: Action without knowledge is imprudent; knowledge without action is cowardly. Every human being is the driver of their own destiny and has primary responsibility for their own development. Populations in the Global South as well as in the North must play an active, responsible role in improving their living conditions. Find out more about Iles de Paix

The famous module, the little man of Iles de Paix, is a well-known symbol in Belgium. Every year in January, it raises about a million euros to support projects in Africa and South America. Find out more about the module