Learning about the living conditions of others. Being personally concerned. Understanding how the world operates. And the impact of our food eating habits on those who produce the food. Comprehending the key issues of food systems. Becoming involved, however we can, in contributing to a more just world. All of these can be learned and put into action. In everyday living, as well as in school.

Through our Global Citizenship Education program, we support those, who in Belgium, are committed in international solidarity projects. At the school level, the needs of schools are varied, and so are our resources. Related to animations in class, teaching tools, electronic resources, tailor-made trainings, there are many avenues of debate. .

But that’s not all… For the larger public, our citizenship education curriculum also includes events, exhibits, documentaries, news stories, and others.

What drives our actions is the desire to provide information, build awareness, and the will to act and carry out actions.

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