In conjunction with our work on the ground, it is essential that politicians support the changes that are underway. Because transitioning towards sustainable food systems cannot depend solely on individual changes, and that structural changes are indispensable, we conduct advocacy work so that political decisions, in Belgium, in Europe and the rest of the world, guarantee the right to food for every human being. With local and international actions, we want to kick-start the transition to agro-ecology of the food systems.

This process of influencing politics starts off with extensive research work and scientific documentation, the building of solid alliances, and the formulating of valid and relevant solutions. And this work bears fruit!  In collaboration with other Belgium and international actors, Iles de Paix has notably contributed to making agro-ecology transition an effective solution at the Belgium cooperation level. In 2021, the Minister of Cooperation actually has committed herself to change  strategies that support agriculture and the fight against climate change.

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