Executive management

Marie Wuestenberghs
Executive Director
Noémie Grandjean
Executive and Administrative Assistant
Antoinette Deliège
Communication Coordinator

Programs Support Unit

Olivier Genard
Programs Support Unit Director
Sébastien Mercado
Support Advisor for Peru and Uganda
Stéphanie Laloux
Support Advisor for Benin; Coordinator of Belgium Actors for the Benin Cooperation (JSF)
François Grenade
Research and Advocacy Advisor
Emelyne Brühl
Monitoring and evaluation adviser

Global Citizenship and Solidarity Education (GCSE)

Magali Verstraeten
GCSE Director
Emilie Lejeune
GCSE Project officer
Audrey Verscheure
GCSE Project officer
Terry Roiseux
GCSE Project officer
Thaïssa Heuschen
GCSE Assistant

Fundraising and communication (FRC)

Kathia Morano
FRC Director
Olivier Bajart
Network and Campaign Director
Nicolas Pieczynski
Network and Campaign officer
Virginie Meert
Network and Campaign officer; Administrative officer
Olivier Detournaij
Communication Advisor
Blanche Vanoosthuyse
Community Manager
Tamara Conrod
Donor Relations Officer
Alexandra Taroi
Communication Assistant

Finance, administration and human resources (FAHR)

Martine Hansotte
FAHR Director
Julien Bouvier
Head of Finance and Accounting
Fabian Lacasse
Head of Administration
Stéphan Pleinevaux
Administrative Assistant for HR and Prevention advisor
Rafaël Alba Y Moreno
Logistics and IT Advisor
Denis Hees
Responsible for Development of Institutional Partnerships
Ingrid Duchesne
Laurence Marchal
Maintenance Technician
Mélody Lambrecht
Administrative Assistant
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