The dominant farming model is particularly visible in the Andean region of Peru. In spite of the extensive promotion of exporting produce, most of the farming families remain below the poverty line and  continue to suffer from chronic food insecurity.

Nearly 250 farming families in the Umari commune chose to become engaged in transitioning to agroecology in 2014. Although this is very encouraging, their journey was fraught with many  difficulties. What were these families’ successes and what challenges did they face? What major steps did they have to take? That is what we hope you can learn in this documentary which also has a video online.

For Iles de Paix, this publication is an opportunity to present the first report of 6 years of supporting farming families in the Huánuco region, and to highlight the various barriers that still exist before agroecology can become a real sustainable alternative for small scale farming families.

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The Time has come for Agroecology in Peru

  • The #1 of Farmers’ Alternatives also has a documentary: ” Time for an agroecological transition in Umari This documentary produced by I Feed Good, gives a summary of the advances made in transitioning to agroecology in the Umari commune.
  • Duration: 33 minutes
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